Best manual coffee grinder for French press

We have previously discussed all coffee grinders for French press and which one is the best. In this article we will explore which is the best manual coffee grinder for French press. Burr coffee grinders are becoming increasingly popular because they actually grind coffee. The alternative would be to just chop it like it is done with the blade. This is definitely not the optimal idea and that is why it is not recommendable to buy anything else but a burr coffee grinder. All manual coffee grinders reviewed here are also burr coffee grinders.

 manual coffee grinder

Hunt Brothers Coffee Mill | Best Coffee Grinder for Travelling

This coffee grinder is best suited for making French press grind. It has a superior quality and grinds smoothly. Another important feature of this coffee grinder is that it grinds remarkably quietly. Quiet grind will definitely help you in the long run. What is especially good about this coffee grinder is that it is very durable and does not tend to break. It is also quite sturdy, so if it falls down a time or two, it will not get destroyed. This is very good because then you can take it with you on any trip without a fear where to put it. In general it handles everything quite good.

Another advantage of this grinder is that it grinds relatively fast. Now most manual coffee grinders do not grind as fast as electric ones, but this one can grind you a nice chunk of coffee for whole family in less than a minute. Although this is not the fastest grinder on the market, it still does the job fairly fast and it is worth a consideration.  Our experience is saying that you this is a great grinder for the money. And it is worth being mentioned, because it seems that manufacturers designed it with French press grind in mind.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder | Conical Burr Mill for Precision Brewing | Brushed Stainless Steel

This is another great coffee grinder for different needs. In general it is good grinder for all kinds of coffee, but French press can be grinded quite nicely with this one. You will not be disappointed with this coffee grinder. It has 18 click settings which will enable you to set it up for different kinds of grind and you will be able to find a grinding setting that suits you most. Some people are very demanding and want exact brewing technique and for them 18 different settings might not be enough. But for majority of coffee enthusiasts this is more than enough, especially if we take into account that we have manual coffee grinder. This grinder will therefore satisfy the needs of all moderate coffee grinder geeks.

Moreover, it is very easy to clean and take care of this coffee grinder.  This is why it can be very beneficial to choose a grinder like that. It can be also used for grinding herbs and other things, but it is not that recommendable to use it for that. It is made for grinding coffee and French press will be done great with this grinder!

Manual Coffee Grinder – Professional Heavy Duty Stainless Steel with Adjustable Ceramic Burr

This coffee grinder is well designed in its gray color. It suits great to any kitchen, but it can be also used in living rooms and in different bars and restaurants. It can come very handy every time you feel an urgent need to have some freshly brewed coffee. Its easiness to use and clean make it especially attractive to anyone who considers buying cheap but effective coffee grinder. It does not only make your kitchen look better, but it also help you widely with making your daily coffee routine easier.

Moreover, it is made of stainless steel which makes it very durable and easy to use in different locations. So with coffee grinder you will have no problems using it while travelling somewhere very far away or just using it on your camping trip. This coffee grinder is therefore good for use of different purposes. It is also famous for having quite a good longevity and therefore it should last you for a very long time.  This are the reasons why we would recommend this grinder to anyone that is looking for such kind of a coffee grinder. You will be satisfied with the grind.


Most Consistent Hand Coffee Grinder & Coffee Press – Ceramic Burr Grinder made with Professional Grade Stainless Steel.

This coffee grinder is also multifunctional. It can be used for French Press and many other purposes as well. Manufacturer even proposes that it is good for grinding different kinds of spices and herbs. This can be very useful if you use this grinder on your camping trip. There multifunctionality is a great feature which you want to have. Besides that, this grinder has a nice, sturdy design and is easy to clean and use. It is good for those who are new to grinding coffee (at least manually that is) and want a cheap coffee grinder.

You also should not care too much about having to actually grind with hands. It is actually much easier than it seems. Once you get used to it, it becomes very natural. It is actually better not having to use batteries or electricity because in this way you are independent with location of the grinding. It also feels a bit old style, but that is actually another thing to consider. Because many people actually like the old fashioned designs and therefore prefer to choose a grinder that looks old fashioned.

iCooker Manual Coffee Grinder Maker

This coffee grinder is famous for its consistency and its softy design that can suit kitchen or any other place. Many people actually use it for their trips. Imagine yourself on the beach. While relaxing you can easily grind yourself a cup of coffee even in the most remote area. Some people do that and this is becoming increasingly popular these days. This shows some swagger as well as simplified usage of the coffee. Coffee grinding, manual and electrical is becoming more widespread for a reason these days. Coffee is becoming an integral part of our lives and since it is relatively healthy, we want it to stay this way. So this is why iCooker has made a great coffee grinder that can be used manually for the job. You can also get free cleaning brush with this purchase. This is why this is such a good deal.

What is more is that this coffee grinder is made for travel. So if you travel a lot and you like taking a grinder with you, you should definitely consider this one!

Rednax Homewares Manual Coffee Grinder

This is another very consistent and practical hand coffee grinder. With this one you will not only be able to grind coffee, but also many other things as well. So it has a wide usage and that can be great for everyone. It has very useful conical burrs and it is very easy to maintain. You will have therefore very little problems with this grinder. When cleaning, you can just follow the instructions and you will see it is very easy to do it. Its attractive design makes it even more tempting to make a purchase on this grinder. Overall, it is quite cheap coffee grinder which is good in its primary job – that is grinding. Grinding not only the coffee but also many other things.

Rednax manual coffee grinder is also very cost effective. If you want cheap, but well working coffee grinder that will last you for a long time, you should most definitely consider it. Another thing that is good about it is that it has adjustable settings with which you can achieve to grind many different kinds of grinds. This is good for those who are very picky about what they want to grind and also this allows you to use it purely for French press.

Why manual coffee grinder?

Most people nowadays prefer electric coffee grinders. However manual coffee grinders still have many advantages over the electric ones. They are quiet, easy to use, portable, smaller and handy. This is why many people still like them a lot. Also with hand coffee grinders, you get a firmer grip on actual grinding and you feel better at how you are grinding. This gives you the better detail feeling. It specifically helps you if you are more experienced in coffee grinding.

So those are the reasons for manual coffee grinders. Of course self-preferences also play a role when deciding to buy it. And also the price – they are much cheaper than regular coffee grinders. Below we will present several grinders that you should consider for French press in specific.

Conical burr coffee grinder for French press?

It is worth noting that conical burrs are the best for French press. This is because conical burrs are grinding perfectly and can help you have more even grind.

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