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Best coffee grinderWhen making a good cup of coffee, a good coffee grinder will make an important difference when it comes to your brew. If you want high quality coffee, you will need high quality coffee grinder. This is especially true for making home espresso, but it also matters when making other kinds of coffee. Coffee grinder makes a large impact on quality of final coffee. If you buy preground or prepackaged coffee, the quality of your final cup might be considerably lower than if you grind the beans youself with a quality coffee grinder at correct settings. If you are buying a coffee machine, you might also want to consider buying a grinder. Coffee machine will not be able to grind high quality coffee without good grind. So you might want to pay roughly as much for a grinder as for a coffee machine. Of course, this is a very rough estimate; in reality it depends of your overall budget. If your budget is high (1000$+), then it is ok to invest more than 50% in coffee machine. But if your budget is around 500$, you want to invest roughly half of it (200-250$) in the grinder. In general budget for a grinder is 150-300$. You can get coffee grinders cheaper of course, but then some quality will go down. You can get them also more expensive, if you really care a lot about the quality of your coffee.

Why is a good coffee grinder important?

When coffee is ground, the surface area increases drastically, exposing the oils and dissolvable particles. This will in turn cause the grind to lose its aroma and taste. As a result, the quality of your coffee will decrease very quickly after you grind your coffee beans. So having a coffee grinder will enable you that your coffee grinds will not be exposed to the air. You will have a fresh coffee every day. Of course, you also have to store beans in goodBean storage conditions before that – you have to prevent them from storing on excessive air, moisture, heat, and light. A good solution is a airtight ceramic coffee canister. If you have large quantities of coffee which you cannot use in short term (not very advisable to have them), you might want to consider freezing them as well.

Another important point is that you need high quality coffee that will suit your needs. So you have to grind it in the way it best suits you. Many steps of adjustments can be a valuable thing to achieve that. The best coffee grinder is the one that will give you best particle consistency. Burr coffee grinders do that job quite well. Blade grinder will of course have some problems with this, so additional precautions might be good to take. But take also into account that blade coffee grinders are in general cheaper, so it may save you some money on other hand.

Choosing the best coffee grinder

When purchasing a coffee grinder, you want to buy the one that will produce a very consistent grind of whatever coffee you want (Very fine for espresso, coars for French press and other grinds). And you want a grinder that will not brake. There are also several other factors to consider which will be discussed.

Price – when purchasing any product you have to consider its price. You want to purchase the best coffee grinder you can get for the price you want to pay. In most cases (although not always) more expensive grinder is also more quality grinder. So if you want better quality you will have to pay more.

Design – you want a coffee grinder which will suit in your kitchen well. A good design is certainly important when purchasing one. Also you do not want the grinder to have some design failures or flaws, as it may irritate you a lot at preparing your morning cup of coffee. Dimensions are also a thing to be considered – too big grinder is not really a good thing in a kitchen, but that also depends on your personal preferences.

Weight – in general not so important, but you do not want it to be heavy. If it is easy to carry, you can easier move it around the kitchen, have less difficulties cleaning it and if you travel it is easier to carry it.

Speed of grind – The slower the grinder grinds, the less heat and static it produces. But if you want to grind it fast and do not want to grind a lot, Burrsfast could be good. Speed of grind is not the only way to reduce heat and static, but is an important one. Some coffee grinders have gearboxes to slow down the motor rotation.

Burrs (blades) – when grinding with burrs, a high quality burrs are important for the consistency and quality of the grind. Also they can determine amount of static and heat. You also want to buy the grinder for which cleaning the burrs or blades will be easy. When buying a blade grinder, consistency of the grind might be a problem.

Grind range – if you like to brew at many different methods, a wide grind range is important. If you grind only espresso for example, grind range might matter less as king as grinder grinds espresso well.

Steps of adjustment – more is better. With more steps you can easier adjust your perfect grinding settings. This can give you the coffee you want. Too many grind settings might make a grinder difficult to use though. Still, they provide you with a lot of grinding options.

Bean hopper capacity – The amount of beans that coffee grinder stores in bean hopper. If you grind a lot you might want to store a lot. However note that if you are storing for a long period of time, most of the bean hoppers are not airtight. Airtight bean hoppers are usually only available for expensive grinders (over 600$). So you might not want to store coffee beans in bean hopper for a long period of time.

Doserless/doser – Especially when buying coffee grinder for espresso, it is recommended that it does not have a doser. It is better to grind directly into porta filter. The doser might harm the quality of the grind.

Timer – is a valuable feature that some grinders have. It allows you to set how much time should the grinder be grinding the beans in order to have just enough grind.


Timer can be a valueable feature. Picture is symbolic

Housing material – gives some information how durable the grinder is (although not a lot, because it is more important what materials are inside) and also how much noise it blocks. The grinder made of quality exterior will reduce more noise, making the grinder more quiet. All grinders produce noise; it is desirable for a grinder to reduce as much noise as possible.

Additions – some grinders will give you some additions near purchase. It may be worth looking at them since they might be quite valuable.

Loudness – it really depends how sensitive you are to the noise. Some grinders are quitter than others. Capresso infinity 565 is made to be very quiet for example.

Easiness to clean – Especially with burr grinders, cleaning is a problem. Removing the burrs and cleaning them is very important to keep the grind quality as well as to make sure the grinds do not harm interior of the grinder. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can extend durability of the grinder.

Messines – if there are coffee grinds in chute, burrs and other parts of the grinder, you have a problem. It may harm a grinder and also those old grinds can be mixed with new grinds and therefore worsening the coffee quality.

Durability – one thing that you want with your grinder is that it does not brake. Some grinders can last for many years, while others tend to brake fast. Consumer service and restoration parts must be available and good.

Warranty – typically grinders have at least one year guarantee. Some have longer, which assures the quality.

Consumer reviews – it is definitely good to know what problems did others experience with the grinder. In this way you know where to be careful at the purchase.

Final instructions

With listed observed preferences on the grinder, you have guidance for choosing your personal favorite coffee grinder. It depends on your personal preferences and desires what is the best coffee grinder for you. Otherwise there are a lot of things to look at which can indeed make your decision Coffeequite hard. Grinding coffee can get quite hard if you decide to go in big details and really want to make it special. However many grinders reviewed on this site will provide quality grind without being too difficult to use and understand. This site offers information needed to make your decision simpler. Hopefully reading reviews and guides will help you with your final decision of which coffee grinder to buy. When buying, it might be also wise to review also pros and cons of every grinder because there are some good information about specific product available as well.


Choosing the best coffee grinder for your desired use depends on what exactly you want. But choosing the grinder by itself is important if you want a good quality coffee. You have to look at many different things when making a purchasing decision. On this site we try to make a decision easier for you.

The best coffee grinders according to world of grinders

Beneath are listed and shortly described the best coffee grinders according to the

Ascaso 2CSdb I-2

Ascaso 2CSdb I-2


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Infinite amount of step adjustments Loudness
Consistent grinding Grinds tend to remain in the machine (a lot of cleaning)
Aesthetically very attractive Not good for grinding for multiple types of coffee brewing methods.
Large bean hopper
Easy to clean
Solid construction

This is one of the less expensive grinders that will give you an optimum grind. It has infinite amount of step adjustments, large bean hopper and is easy to clean. It is made of aluminum, so it has a solid construction. The design looks very good also. The problem might be that it is slightly louder than competing products and a bit messy. The grinder is excellent for grinding espresso. If you are looking for a wide range of adjustments and you grind a lot, it is certainly worth a consideration!

Baratza Virtuoso

Baratza Virtuoso


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Consistent grind for different brewing methods and fine enough for espresso. Gets warm
Easy for cleaning Can be messy
Great customer service and cheap restoration parts Has trouble with oily beans
Quieter and less static with the anti-static property in the coffee receptacle
High-quality burrs

A great grinder from Baratza. The grinder is easy to clean, has good materials, good customer service and does not make too much noise. It also allows many adjustments with 40 different adjustments. It has some drawbacks though, for example the machine could heat if you leave it to run for over a minute in case you need a lot of coffee at once. Also it is relatively messy. Great grinder for home use.

Breville BCG600SIL

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Consistent grinding Dark oily beans (and also other kinds of beans) might occasionally cause problems because of cheaper materials
Timer has a stop/cancel function, which seems to be very useful Durability is questionable – but product is new so we really cannot know it yet
60 grind settings and even more if upper burr is adjusted
Basket holds a full pound and can easily be removed with beans still in. Wonderful for those that have to switch between beans a lot
Elegant looks

Breville BCG600SIL is new on market but is gaining popularity quickly.Its elegant design, 60 grind adjustments and upper burr adjustment will give coffee enthusiasts a good reason for purchase. It has many other useful functions – they worked hard on constructing a useful timer that has the pause and cancel option and allows users to adjust grind time in 1 second increments. Certainly worth a consideration if you are trying to get a coffee grinder below 200$ price.

Breville Smart Grinder PRO

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Stylish and elegant looks Doser isn’t that accurate, despite the improvement in the way it’s done
Basket holds a full pound and can easily be removed with beans still in Durability is still under question
Adjustable grind settings and options
Consistent grinds
Excellent user guide and even YouTube videos provided

Is an improvement of Breville smart grinder. With 60 grind settings, it will allow you to make adjustments for your favorite cup of coffee. The grinder has a very useful timer and a large bean hopper. It grinds in porta filter cradles and comes with many useful manuals and videos which will help you adjust the grinder. Very good thing about it is that it is very quiet in comparison to the competitors. It is also not present on a market for a long time.

Gaggia 8002 MDF

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Little to no static or heat build-up Slow
Easy to use Takes some time to find the right settings
Very good durability of the product No rubber feet (slides on smooth surface)
Provides consistent grinding The doser has a problem dosing the right amount
34 different steps of adjustment
Good quality burrs
Great for espresso

The best grinder so far according to our reviews. Consistency of grinding is great and grinder in many cases holds up to twenty years and even more. It is well constructed and in is proved to be very durable on the long run. It has 34 step adjustments, is easy to use and produce very little heat or static. It is the best used for espresso, although it can grind other methods as well.

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